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Skanda Vivek

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Skanda Vivek is a Senior Data Scientist in the Risk Intelligence team at OnSolve where he develops advanced Artificial Intelligence based algorithms for rapidly detecting critical emergencies through big data. Prior to that, he was an assistant professor of physics at Georgia Gwinnett College, and a post-doctoral fellow at Georgia Tech. He received his PhD. in physics from Emory University. His academic research has involved interdisciplinary approaches for assessing cyber-physical risks across complex networks. His work has been published in multiple scientific journals as well as broadcasted widely by outlets such as BBC and Forbes.

The increasing integration of technology into the complex human processes they support poses a growing challenge to policy makers. While governments have increasingly focused on the range of strategic impacts cyber-attacks can generate, including significant disruptions to critical infrastructure, policy makers have struggled with ways to quantify risk these systems generate. This challenge arises in part by the inability to assess strategic impact across many independent but related organizations that support critical public services, as well as data to address the likelihood these events might occur.

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