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Governing Emerging Technologies in the 21st Century

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Emerging Technologies

How can policymakers tackle governance challenges in the face of rapid technological change?

Technology is developing at a rapid pace with profound implications for human society. Large international networks developed and scaled in the 20th century are now being leveraged with advanced predictive analytics, surging computational capability, and automated systems capable of directly interacting in the physical world. Yet how those systems are deployed, managed, or regulated are often done at a slower pace then their initial development, leading to societal consequences that are too often poorly defined. GoTech’s program of research on emerging technologies explores governance challenges tied to several technologies that are shaping the 21st century including:

  • artificial intelligence
  • quantum computing
  • robotics
  • drones and
  • other advanced networked systems

Each of these technologies, working together with advanced and high capacity networks, have the promise to fundamentally transform human society in ways mostly unexplored. The research scholars involved with this project focus on interdisciplinary approaches to explore these topics producing a range of research outputs including blogs, papers, reports, and novel datasets.