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GoTech Special Event | Connected Society: Technology, People and Convergence in the AI Era

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Picture of AI with two speakers for event infront of it.

Nick Reese, COO of Frontier Foundry 

Registration for this event is not required but appreciated (for planning purposes).

Event Description: Join Nick Reese, COO of Frontier Foundry and former Director of Emerging Technology Policy at the Department of Homeland Security, and Dr. Charles Harry, Director of the Center of Governance of Technology and Systems, for an interactive discussion on the intricate interplay between technology and humanity in the age of artificial intelligence. From innovative technological advancements, their impacts on human life and the governance challenges tied to them, this event will be a dynamic forum for insights, dialogue, and envisioning a harmonious and prosperous future in the era of AI.

Speaker Bio: Nick Reese is the COO of Frontier Foundry and a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the US Military, Intelligence Community and Homeland Security. Serving as the inaugural Director of Emerging Technology Policy at the US Department of Homeland Security, he advised the White House and senior Cabinet officials on the national security implications of emerging technologies. Reese's impactful career spans from the front lines of the War on Terror to his instrumental role in shaping Quantum Computing Policy. As an accomplished author, he penned significant documents, including the DHS AI Strategy, Post-Quantum Cryptographic Transition Roadmap, and the 2022 DHS Space Policy. He holds a faculty position at New York University teaching graduate courses related to emerging technology and geopolitics.


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