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Current Opportunities

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Explore current opportunities at the Center for Governance of Technology and Systems and learn more about external funding opportunities from GoTech partners

GoTech Opportunities

GoTech is a growing community of researchers, educators, and practitioners that is always looking for good partners with expertise in cybersecurity, supply chain sustainment, and governance of emerging technologies. Affiliates are expected to actively contribute to GoTech's mission and vision. Contributions may include collaborating on ongoing research, writing posts for the GoTech Insights blog, championing an event at the UMD School of Public Policy among other activities.  If you would like to be considered for non-paid affiliate status at the center, please contact:

GoTech Director Charles Harry

External Opportunities for Students and Faculty

DataTribe is hosting its Sixth Annual DataTribe Challenge. Finalists split a $20K prize and the winner may receive $2M in funding from DataTribe. It's an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to tighten their pitch, get exposure, and potentially find a seed investment.